How We Provide Safe, High-quality, Comfortable Dental Care in a Nursing Home Setting

Dental patient in an aged care facility or nursing home.

Have you or a loved one avoided dental work due to dental phobia or the inability to travel to a traditional dental office? Our caring team of experts comes to your place of residence with our fully equipped mobile dental unit. We take great care to provide comfortable, effective, high-quality dental care in a variety of difficult situations.

Who Can Benefit From Mobile Dental Care?

Using groundbreaking equipment and innovative technology, we aim to ensure everyone can receive effective, affordable dental care. Mobile dentistry is an ideal option for providing dental care to individuals who:

  • Haven’t been to the dentist for a long time
  • Are bed bound or wheelchair-bound
  • Are unable to travel to a traditional dentist office
  • Are uncooperative patients or aggressive during dental procedures
  • Prefer to be asleep during dental treatment (sedation dentistry)
  • Feel afraid, nervous, or anxious about dental care
  • Are physically or cognitively impaired
  • Prefer the convenience and comfort of receiving dental care from the comfort of their place of residence
  • Cannot find transportation to the dentist
  • Live in an aged care facility or nursing home

What Services Can Mobile Dental Clinics Provide?

Our mobile dentistry clinics can provide comfortable, safe dental care for a variety of concerns, including:

  • Denture care
  • Preventative care
  • Removal of infected or abscessed teeth
  • Case management
  • Dental bridges
  • Pain relief
  • Clinical hygiene
  • Restorative care
  • Oral sedation
  • Treatment for sore or bleeding gums
  • Comprehensive exams and cleanings
  • Emergency dental treatment
  • Sedation dentistry (This option is ideal for patients who experience dental phobia or are uncooperative during treatments. Our mobile visiting Perth dentist works closely with a specialist mobile anesthetic team to provide sedation dentistry in aged care facilities and nursing homes.)
  • Dental crowns
  • Nonsurgical periodontal therapy
  • Diagnostics
  • Removal of broken or decayed teeth
  • Fillings

Our Experience

We have invested heavily in the latest portable dental equipment and have been providing this specialised service for over 10 years. We are a dedicated and compassionate dental team consisting of Perth visiting dentist Dr Prath Bala, plus several nurses and auxiliary staff.

We aim to provide gentle and high-quality dental treatment in the nursing home or aged care facility to those who can’t attend a private dentist.

Elderly patient feeling afraid, nervous, or anxious about dental treatment.

Want to Learn More About Comfortable Dental Care in a Nursing Home?

If you want to learn more about mobile dentistry for yourself or a loved one, please feel free to reach out to our experienced team of mobile dentistry experts. Our compassionate, dedicated dentistry professionals are experienced in providing on-site care to patients who are unable to receive care in a traditional dental setting.

With a devotion to Aged Care Dentistry, our priority is providing comfortable dental care to individuals who may otherwise be at risk of missing out on proper dental treatment. With the latest mobile technology, groundbreaking equipment, and extensive knowledge of working with patients with cognitive, medical, or behavioural conditions, our team is skilled at making dental treatment as comfortable as possible for our patients.

We have a deep understanding of the unique dental needs of the elderly population and empathy for individuals who have had a bad dental experience in the past. We provide comfortable, calm, safe dental treatments right in your place of residence.