Our Work

Please note all surgical procedures carry risks.
Consultation with an adequately trained practitioner is advised.


Andrea was extremely uncooperative and did not allow staff to clean her teeth. She had dementia and was significantly cognitively impaired with family being very concerned with her decrease in appetite and increased touching of her teeth. As she was unable to be transported, under sedation in the Nursing Home a comprehensive examination revealed mass food buildup with significant dental infection. The family requested all teeth be removed which was completed under sedation on the same day where she lived.


At 93 Rae was embarrassed about his teeth. He had undergone various dental treatments throughout his life and was now looking for a more permanent solution. Cognitively he had nil impairment and was capable of practicing effective oral hygiene. After analyzing his diet we noted increased sugar consumption. Rae was unaware this was a significant cause of his oral deterioration and decided to eliminate sugar for the sake of his teeth and self-esteem. At 3 months Rae was not consuming any sugar and proved he was capable of maintaining effective oral hygiene. Transport was a significant issue for Rae and he wanted the treatment completed where he lived. The old dentistry was removed and several hopeless teeth extracted.


Ruth is legally blind and requires significant assistance being moved to and from her bed. Cognitively she is not impaired and capable of maintaining her high level of oral hygiene despite her limited vision. She had always wanted a beautiful smile her whole life and now devastated she didn’t think she could achieve it. After reviewing her diet and oral hygiene, we determined she was capable of maintaining any dental work placed in her mouth.


James had been living in an Aged Care Facility for nearly 12 months. He was a regular attender at his private dentist prior to this but now he was bed bound and unable to leave. We were able to do a thorough clean and a few simple fillings where he lived and will now see him regularly for general dental maintenance.


Elaine’s family contacted us as they had noted some teeth broken at the gum when they visited her. As they live far away they were unable to see her on a regular basis. Elaine suffers from severe anxiety and does not like to leave the Aged Care Facility where she lives. The family requested the hopeless teeth be removed and as many teeth be saved where possible. All treatment was completed under sedation where Elaine lives which meant she didn’t have to travel outside of the Nursing Home and she was not awake for any of the procedures. Oral hygiene was reinforced and supplementary oral hygiene products were provided. At 3 months Elaine’s teeth are going well with effective oral hygiene practices being practiced.


Janice was bedbound and requested all her dental work be completed where she lived. She wanted to keep as many teeth as possible and wanted the hopeless infected teeth removed. Under sedation the dental work was completed and at review Janice was very happy with her new smile.


David was very embarrassed with his old chipped denture and also suffered pain with his broken lower teeth. He was capable of practicing effective oral hygiene but had significant anxiety going to the dentist. After presenting various options, his dental treatment was completed under sedation.


Jane and her family wanted her to keep as many teeth as possible and also wanted her to have a beautiful smile. After assessing her diet and oral hygiene practices several changes were made.


Kerry had a beautiful smile many years ago and presented us with a photo of what he wanted his teeth to look like. After looking at his diet and oral hygiene we proceeded to create a smile as close as possible to his picture.


Molly’s family noted many broken teeth in her mouth. Though she wasn’t complaining of any pain or discomfort they requested all teeth be removed to avoid this potentially occurring. As she was bed bound they requested all treatment be completed where she lived. Under sedation, all teeth were removed and at 4 weeks the healing is progressing as expected for a 92 year old.


Beth requested an update of her old dentures. She felt they were too yellow and very worn down. They didn’t look good and were not very good at chewing. We made a new set of teeth which were whiter in colour than her previous set. She was very satisfied with the new set and is hoping to have them for as long as her previous set.


Patrick wanted a quick and easy solution to replace the gaps in his mouth. In several appointments we provided a smile Patrick loved.


Pauline’s increasing confusion and worsening dementia had led to a rapid deterioration in her teeth. She was also very aggressive towards carers and staff was unsure whether her outbursts were related to chronic pain with her teeth. After much discussion, the family decided to remove all her remaining teeth. As they were very concerned with her coping ability outside of the nursing home, they requested treatment be completed where she lived. Under sedation, all teeth were removed. At 4 week her recovery was as expected for a 94 year old.


Phil’s family and staff had noted several broken teeth into the gum. Oral hygiene was an issue but the family only wanted the infected teeth removed. As Phil was completely bed bound they requested his treatment be completed at the home. The work was completed as requested and at 4 weeks the extraction sites were healing as expected for a 93 year old.


Robert’s family wanted a comprehensive oral assessment. Several large holes were noted but the family did not want to pursue any treatment. At 3 months we were called again as the teeth with the holes had broken. After discussing the options it was decided to remove all remaining teeth. The work was completed under sedation where Robert lived. At 2 weeks healing was as expected for an 91 year old.


We also enjoy doing smaller jobs! John’s tooth was starting to get sensitive as it was noted his 20 year old filling was deteriorating. We replaced it with a new filling where John lived and he went on his way back to chewing and drinking.


Tony knocked his front teeth many years ago in an accident. He was tired of wearing his denture and wanted something fixed in placed which didn’t need to be removed. After discussing the options we were able to provide a fixed solution which blended in with the rest of his smile.


Benjamin had been embarrassed with a missing tooth at the front. He would shy away from pictures and had trained himself not to smile. After several visit we restored his confidence and now he looks forward to photos.