Here’s Some of Our Most Commonly Asked Questions

Yes! We are a mobile dental service and will bring all equipment directly to you.

We travel from Yanchep to Mandurah and service most places between.

Yes! We are licensed to carry a portable x-ray unit and can take immediate x-rays which we can show you immediately

We can offer an oral sedative, which is a tablet that makes you sleepy. Or more routinely and effectively, we work a mobile Anesthetic team and can complete Twilight or IV sedation where you live.

Yes! We carry mobile dental equipment and Anesthetic to complete dental treatment onsite.

Yes! We make and repair dentures. We can also alter and extract teeth to make them fit better.

Over two visits we can prepare and fit beautiful porcelain and ceramic dental crowns.

We have an Oral Health Therapist who is able to come and do a clean where you live.

Yes! We are a DVA Dental provider with all dental treatment covered with no out of pocket expense.

We are a registered dental provider and can provide a receipt with item numbers to be claimed on applicable health covers.

Being a mobile provider, we are unable to provide mobile claims. Once payment has been received, a receipt is issued which can be claimed directly with your Health Fund.

We create beautiful smiles with our experienced dental team!

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