Mobile Dental Assessments and Examinations

We are a dedicated and compassionate dental team consisting of a Perth visiting dentist, several nurses, and auxiliary staff. Our compassionate, talented team can carry out thorough examinations, including x-rays and digital photographs to provide clear options, cost details, and treatment plans. We have a special license from WA Radiological Council for our portable x-ray unit which allows us to take instant x-rays to be shown to you within seconds. We also use high definition photography to show clear images of the mouth and help you understand any potential issues or problems.

Aged Care Dentistry Waiting Room

Why Choose Us?

Our mobile dental team visits nursing homes and aged care facilities to ensure everyone has the chance to receive dental care. Whereas some patients would be unable to travel to receive dental care from a traditional facility, our team brings all the necessary tools and equipment to treat patients in familiar surroundings.


Who Needs Mobile Dental Assessments?

Mobile dentistry is an excellent option for assisting individuals who:

  • Are bed bound or wheelchair bound
  • Are unable to travel to the dentist
  • Want to be asleep during dental treatment
  • Are uncooperative or aggressive during dental procedures
  • Feel afraid, nervous, or anxious of dental care
  • Are physically or cognitively impaired
  • Live in an aged care facility
  • Cannot find transportation to the dentist
  • Prefer the convenience and comfort of dental care from their own home
Who Needs Mobile Dental Assessments

How Are Mobile Dentistry Assessments Done?

How Are Mobile Dentistry Assessments Done

We have been carrying out mobile examinations  for over 10 years. With the latest mobile technology and equipment, along with extensive knowledge of how to effectively and safely work with patients with cognitive, medical, or behavioural conditions, our team can treat patients who may otherwise go without proper dental care. Usually the assessment is completed on a bed which can raised or inclined and doesn’t require the patient to move anywhere. Sometimes a wheelchair or mobile reclined chair can be used to carry out an assessment.


What Are the Benefits?

Good oral health is crucial for the overall health and well-being of older individuals, especially those with chronic or complex or health conditions. Unfortunately, the importance of dental care for the elderly can get overlooked.

Our caring mobile dentistry team brings excellent dental care to older individuals in the comfort of their aged care facility or nursing home. If you have a loved one who cannot travel to receive dental care, please contact us to see how our team can help.

Benefits of Mobile Dental Assessments
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We make the dental assessment process as comfortable and straightforward as possible for our patients. Our caring team, equipped with the latest in dental technology and tools, visits aged home facilities and nursing homes to ensure care can be received in the comfort of a patient’s area of residence. Our mission is to make sure high-quality dental care is available to everyone who needs it.

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