Services and Fees

Our Perth visiting mobile dentist will come to Aged Care Facilities and Nursing Homes.
Our mobile visiting dentist offers many services includes but not limited to:


Relief of pain

Pain can come from sore teeth and gums. We can assess and fix on site.

Emergency dental treatment

Too difficult to go out? We can come to you and fix the problem

Broken and Painful Teeth

We can help eating and improve comfort by reducing and eliminating pain

Bleeding and Sore Gums

Inflamed gums can cause significant pain and discomfort all day. We can assess and fix.

Simple and complex extractions

Loose tooth or root stumps? We can handle a range of extractions on site.

Oral Sedation

Nervous? Anxious? We can help by prescribing a tablet to take before treatment to help relax you and make you drowsy

IV Sedation

Working together with our Mobile Anesthetist, we can complete your treatment whilst completely asleep.

Removal of all teeth

Think you need all your teeth out? We can assess and treat on site. We come to you.

Removal of roots in gums

Do you have broken tops off teeth with root stumps remaining? We can take these out on site.


Food trapping between teeth? We can drill and fill on site under local anesthetic.


Ill-fitting, loose or broken dentures? We can help by doing all things denture related on site.

Comprehensive Assessment

Not sure of where to start? We can carry out a comprehensive examination including x-rays and provide options and costs to you for various treatments.


Our fees vary depending on many factors primarily complexity of treatment and whether other residents are being seen at the same time. To obtain an approximate cost, contact us via our quick reply form, phone, email or fax.

All DVA Gold Card Holders have their dental expenses 100% covered by the Department of Veterans’ Affairs i.e. no out of pocket expense.

All Perth mobile dental treatment by our visiting dentist is completed in the comfort of the Aged Care Facility or Nursing Home.